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Like many people, I had a fear of going to the dentist. Prior to seeing Dr. Seo, I was traumatized by dentists who were rough and did not inform me on the treatment that I needed. I heard about Dr. Seo through a family member who spoke nothing but amazing things about him. At my first visit I knew this was the dentist for me. He was kind, gentle and informed me of my options regarding treatment. Fillings and all treatment with him were painless. I no longer have a fear of going to the dentist because Dr. Seo is kind, honest and follows up with his patients. Thank you and thank you!

- J. Camacho

When I had my first appointment with Dr. Seo, I was having pain brushing on a back molar after a silver filling had fallen out; I was very nervous that this tooth would require a root canal. This tooth had previously had a deep cavity from 2 years prior, and I had been told before that it may be unstable even after treatment. Even with all this history, Dr. Seo decided to be as non-invasive as possible on my poor tooth, and chose to re-fill my tooth with a stronger material. I’m so happy to have an honest dentist who elects for more conservative treatment as a root canal would have been very expensive. Additionally, Dr. Seo’s chairside manner is excellent. I was very comfortable during my exam and treatment from start to finish. Thank you, Dr. Seo!

- J. Brooks

I came to Dr. Seo from my previous dentist and was very satisfied with my experince. Dr. Seo was very honest about what I needed with my dental treatment and guided me through the whole treatment. Dr. Seo was gentle and made the painful experince of going to the dentist relaxing and pain free. I will be seeing Dr. Seo for the rest of my dental treatment from here on.

- T. Rumford

Dear Dr. Seo! Thank you for your extraordinary care! Your exceptional skill and professionalism are what I can trust. I highly appreciate your kind dentistry. You are THE BEST! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone! Thank you! 

- E. Zubacheva